Module 11 Questions

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1.       Name three dangers that electricity may pose?

2.       The nature and severity of injuries from electric shock depends on what?

3.       Is the domestic electricity supply of 230 volts, 50Hz potentially fatal? (Delete as necessary) Yes / No

4.       You should always assume electrical conductors are live unless proved dead? (Delete as necessary) True / False

5.       Electrical equipment should be checked prior to use? (Delete as necessary) True / False

6.       What checks should be made to a flex supplying a hand held item of electrical equipment prior to its use?

7.       What checks should be made to a socket outlet prior to its use?

8.       Under what conditions can work on live electrical equipment take place?

9.       Why is the risk greater when using portable appliances out of doors?

10.   What is the maximum rated current tripping sensitivity for a residual current device in order to protect persons?