Module 15 Questions

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1.       List three preferred methods of working at Heights.

2.       List four key features of a safe temporary working platform.

3.       When must a harness and lanyard be worn when using a MEWP?

4.       What safety points should be considered prior to using a working platform on a fork-lift truck?

5.       What three conditions must be met before considering using a harness and fall arrest lanyard?

6.       When must a lanyard and harness be withdrawn from use?

7.       You feel that it is acceptable to use a ladder, list three things that must consider so that you can work safely.

8.       Name one of the biggest causes of ladder accidents?

9.       List five points to consider before using a specialist technique (e.g. abseiling or boatswain’s chair etc) for working at height.

10.   Before working at height what points would you consider when undertaking your risk assessment?