Module 1 Questions

Print off questions then answer

Name_______________________ District No.____________________ Date _________________                          


1.       What is a Safety Passport? — Tick all that apply

a)      Records inoculations —

b)      Demonstrates successful completion of a health and safety awareness programme —

c)      Demonstrates that the holder has knowledge equivalent to a NEBOSH holder —

d)      Demonstrates that the holder is safe on site —

2.       Who is the Company Health and Safety Manager in your organization? ______________________

3.       For how long is the Safety Passport valid? ______________________

4.       Who has duties under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974? — Tick all that apply

a)      Employers —

b)      Employees —

c)      Self employed —

5.       What is the status of Approved Codes of Practice?

a)      Shall be complied with —

b)      Should be complied with —

6.       Name three factors which may contribute to accidents?




7.       What is the preferred hazard control strategy

a)      Eliminate

b)      Protect

8.       Name three soft systems that are identified as necessary for health and safety?




9.       What purpose do Product Directives serve?

a)      They guarantee safe products are placed on the market—

b)      They help a manufacturer design and manufacture a safe product —

c)      They eliminate barriers to trade —

d)      They make the process of designing a product easier —

10.   What is the purpose of CE marking?

a)      It is a quality marking —

b)      It denotes that the product has been tested by a third party to confirm that it meets with all the EHSRs of all applicable Product Directives —

c)      It denotes that the product is safe to be placed on the market and to be used —

d)      It denotes that the manufacturer has declared that the product meets with all the EHSRs of all applicable Product Directives —