Module 3 Questions

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1.       Which Regulations place a duty on all employers to undertake systematic examinations of their work activities in order to identify workplace hazards and the extent of any resultant risks?

2.       Identify four other Regulations that impose specific duties on employers to carry out risk assessments.

3.       What are the five basic steps to risk assessment as stated by the HSE?

4.       (a). What is the definition of a hazard?

(b). Give four examples of “physical” hazards.

(c). Give five examples of hazards that may be encountered by Engineer Surveyors.

5.       What is the definition of a risk?

6.       What is the difference between a qualitative risk assessment and a quantitative risk assessment.

7.       In relation to all hazards, identify a “hierarchy of controls” necessary to remove or reduce the hazards.

8.       Who should carry out a risk assessment?

9.       Name five mechanical hazards associated with machinery.

10.   Name five non-mechanical hazards associated with machinery.