Module 4 Questions

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1.       When is a safe system of work required?

2.       Identify three specific cases where safe systems of work are usually required.

3.       Name the five steps that should be followed when producing a safe system of work.

4.       Identify three ways that a safe system of work can be defined or communicated.

5.       Identify four types of work activity that are likely to require a permit to work.

6.       What should you do if faced with an unusual or unexpected hazard while carrying out an examination?

7.       Why should you monitor a safe system of work?

8.       Should the competency of the employees involved in a certain work activity be taken into account when developing a safe system of work for that activity?

9.       Regular, periodic reviews should be carried out of all safety instructions and methods of work. Why?

10.   What is the definition of a permit-to-work system?