Module 8 Questions

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1.       What is First Aid?

2.       Is reporting accidents and ill health at work a legal requirement?

3.       Are peripatetic workers (workers who travel from site to site or who are employed at third party sites) also covered by the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations?

4.       Who is responsible for assessing the risks that are present during the performance of a particular task?

5.       Whose duty is it to report to the site personnel any incident considered to be unsafe?

6.       Only serious injuries you receive at work must be reported to your supervisor or line manager. True or False?

7.       What must you also do if you sustain an accidental injury whilst on a client’s premises?

8.       What does RIDDOR stand for?

9.       Give two (of the possible four) instances that would require reporting under RIDDOR?

10.   Who should submit the RIDDOR report?

11.   Give three examples (from a possible eight) of major injuries that would need to be reported under RIDDOR.

12.   What other injuries – not classed as Major – would require reporting under RIDDOR?

13.   Give an example of a disease that would require reporting under RIDDOR.

14.   Give an example of a dangerous occurrence that would require reporting under RIDDOR.

15.   How long must accident records be kept?

16.   Who is responsible for conducting an assessment of First Aid needs in a workplace?

17.  In addition to looking after the first aid equipment, what else does the Appointed Person (i.e. First Aider) do?