Rejection Criteria

1 Reduction at the heel area < 90% of the original shank size. (eg. Shank 50mm reject heels at 45mm or less).
2 The Angle of the blade from the shank must not be greater than 93 degrees.  
3 The differential between one blade top face and its pair must be less than 3% of the blade length. 30mm / m
4 The straightness of blade or shank must not deviate more than 0.5% of its length. 5mm / meter.
Further items to consider are:
Cracks in the Blade, shank, inner bend, Top or bottom hook.
Holes produced in the fork tips (These being none standard and may be produced by drilling or burning by the user).
Welding of wear plates to the load heels is not considered acceptable practice as it does not build up original strength
Any repairs must only be carried out by the manufacturers, tested and certified after suitable repair and heat treatment as necessary. The load test being 2.5 times the specified capacity for forks up to 5000kg and 2.1 times for forks over 5000kg