Standard notion for Correct Lift & Crane item description

(Any item used for the lifting of persons "must" have been inspected within a period of 6 months. Therefore if a Fork Lift Truck or an Excavator (crane rigged) or a mobile jib crane is to be used with an access platform attachment it will change from 12 monthly inspection to a 6 monthly inspection period.)

Lifting Machine standard descriptions

LOLER Frequency

Abbreviation Lifting Accessories standard description (All items 6 monthly) Abbreviation
Diesel Hydraulic Excavator Crawler Mounted 12 DHXCM Adjustable Girder Clamp AGC
Diesel Fork Lift Truck 12 DFLT Articulated Eye Bolt AEB
Diesel Hydraulic Traxcavator 12 DHT Barrel Chain Sling BCS
Battery Side Loading Fork Lift Truck 12 BSL Bow Shackle BS
Battery Hydraulic Tailboard loader 6 BTL Collar Chain Sling CCS
Battery Pallet Truck 12  BPT D Shackle DS
Battery Low Level order picker 12 BLLOP Eye Bolt EB
Battery Mobile Elevating Work Platform 6 BMEWP Eye Nut EN
Diesel Hydraulic Jib Crane (Hiab) 12 DHJC Fibre Sling FS
Battery Hydraulic Stacker Truck 12 BHST Four Leg Chain Sling 4LCS
Diesel Fork Reach Truck 12 DFRT Girder Clamp GC
Diesel Hydraulic Jib Crane (excluding vehicle) 12 DHJC Round Sling RS
Battery Fork Lift Truck 12 BFLT Single leg chain sling SLCS
Battery Hydraulic Order Picker 6 BHOP Three Leg Chain Sling 3LCS
Battery Fork Reach Truck 12 BFRT Two Leg Chain Sling 2LCS
Diesel Hydraulic Excavator Wheel Mounted 12 DHEWM Web Sling WS
Diesel Hydraulic Loading Shovel Wheel Mounted 12 DHLSWM Wire Rope Sling WRS
Diesel Mobile Elevating Work Platform 6 DMEWP    
Diesel Mobile Telescopic Jib Crane 12 DMTJC    
Diesel Portal Crane 12 DPC    
Diesel Roped Excavator Crawler Mounted 12 DRXCM    
Diesel Roped Excavator Crawler Mounted Crane Rigged 12 DRXCMCR    
Diesel Scotch Derricking Crane 12 DSDC    
Diesel Side loading Fork Lift Truck 12 DSL    
Diesel Telescopic Load Handler 12 DTLH    
Diesel Tower Crane 12 DTC    
Dual Axis Runway Track 12 DART    
Electric 2 Post Vehicle lifting table 6 E2PVLT    
Electric 4 Post Vehicle Lifting Table 6 E4PVLT    
Electric Belt Conveyor 12 EBC    
Electric Chain Block 12 ECB    
Electric Escalator 6 EE    
Electric Goods Lift 12 EGL    
Electric Hoist Block (rope) 12 EHB    
Electric Hydraulic Goods Lift 12 EHGL    
Electric Hydraulic Passenger / Goods Lift 6 EHPGL    
Electric Hydraulic Passenger Lift 6 EHPL    
Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift 12 EHSL    
Electric Overhead Travelling Crane 12 EOTC    
Electric Passenger / Goods Lift 6 EPGL    
Electric Passenger Lift 6 EPL    
Electric Pillar Swing Jib 12 EPSJ    
Electric Rack & Pinion Goods Lift 12 ERPGL    
Electric Rack & Pinion Passenger Lift 6 ERPPL    
Electric Roller Conveyor 12 ERC    
Electric Runway Trolley 12 ERT    
Electric Service Lift 12 ESL    
Electric Single Post Vehicle Lifting Table 6 ESPVLT    
Electric Tower Crane 12 ETC    
Electric Travelling Chain Block 12 ETCB    
Electric Travelling Hoist Block (rope) 12 ETHB    
Electric Winch (Rope) 12 EW    
Fork Lift Truck Access Platform attachment 6 FLTAPA    
Gas Fork Lift Truck 12 GFLT    
Gas Fork Reach Truck 12 GFRT    
Gas Side Loading Fork Lift Truck 12 GSL    
Manual Chain Block 12 MCB    
Manual Hydraulic Jib Crane 12 MHJC    
Manual Hydraulic Stacker Truck 12 MHST    
Manual Overhead Travelling Crane 12 MOTC    
Manual Pallet Truck 12 MPT    
Manual Pillar Swing Jib 12 MPSJ    
Manual Pul-lift 12 MPL    
Manual Runway Trolley 12 MRT    
Manual Tirfor 12 MT    
Manual Wall Swing Jib 12 MWSJ    
Manual Winch 12 MW    
Mobile "A" Frame Gantry 12 MAFG    
Mobile Portal Gantry 12 MPG    
Runway Track 12 RT    
Sheer Legs 12 SLeg