Power Press

Period of inspection is dictated by type of Guard fitted.

Interlocking Guard, Automatic Guard, Light Curtain are 6 monthly.  

Fixed Guards are 12 monthly inspection.

A Press is defined in PUWER 98 as "a press or press brake for the working of metal by the means of tools, or for die proving, which is power driven and which embodies a flywheel and Clutch"

Exceptions include Hydraulic Presses / press brakes, Presses working on HOT Metal (Forging presses)

Interlocking presses will require opening out (under PM79) at intervals of approximately 2 years. (Flywheel off, Clutch out, Crankshaft exposed, Pitman exposed. To allow Magnetic Particle NDT and visual inspection to take place of normally enclosed parts. Presses with fixed Guards (fences) will be allowed a little longer as a rule (Maybe 3 or 4 Years) But all are dependant upon usage, shifts worked, type of press work i.e. high volume or Pressing high tonnage through high grade steels etc will normally reduce the opening out period.

 The Press "setter" will be appointed by the company to set and check presses before use and he will sign for every press within the first 4 hours of any shift the press is operated in.