Signs you will meet in the work environment

Mandatory Signs

You must wear ear protection You must wear Eye protection You must wear head protection
You must use guards You must wear protective clothing You must keep locked
You must wear breathing protection You must keep area clear of obstructions at all times you must wear footwear protection
You must sound your horn You must switch off when not in use You must now wash your hands
Warning signs
Electricity Radiation Laser equipment
Toxic Highly flamable Non ionising radiation
Warning signs with information legend
Biological hazard Caution (automatic machinery) Warning (harmful chemicals)
Warning (deep water) Caution (arc welding) Danger (asbestos)
Danger (of death) Warning (laser hazard) Danger (live conductors)
Danger (240 volts) Danger (415 volts) Danger (overhead live wires)
Caution (hot) Danger (highly flammable) Warning (fork lift trucks)
Caution (slippery surface) Warning (dangerous chemicals) Danger (fragile roof)
Warning signs with addition mandatory and prohibition signage
Danger (petroleum spirit)     No Smoking Danger (petroleum spirit) No Smoking. Switch of engine. Caution ( noise above 90dB(A) Ear protection must be worn
Prohibition signs
No access Do not touch Trapping hazard
No not drink Do not operate Do not touch
Do not use mobile phones Do not smoke No admittance
No fork lift trucks Do not reach over Do not watch the arc
No parking Do not start machine Do not use unless guards fitted
No smoking. No naked light. No combustable materials No smoking. No drinking. No eating No smoking. No naked flames
Fire equipment
Fire point Fire extinguisher Fire extinguisher
Missing fire extinguisher Fire alarm point Fire hose
Safe condition signs
First aid box Main switch First aider point
Eye wash Emergency shower Drinking water
Emergency exit signage
Left escape route Right escape route Emergency exit
Exit straight ahead and up Exit straight ahead and down Emergency exit
Exit to the right Exit to the left Sliding exit emergency exit door